2024 is off to a great start – more chef’s knives and sporting, outdoors and EDC knives are on the bench in a variety of steels, handle materials and patterns.

Apex Steel Works builds them all by hand and does all the work from raw material preparation to in house heat and cryogenic treatment of the blade steel.  Nothing is farmed out, made overseas, or built out of disposable mass-market materials.

We have many knives in inventory – 3 3/8″ small S30V hunting knives, a larger investment-quality 5″ damascus and mammoth ivory collector’s piece, and a batch of 7″ S35VN high end nakiri vegetable knives for the kitchen.

Take a look at our Chef’s Knives, Hunting Knives, and fine collector’s pieces as well as technical posts regarding the proper usage and materials of high performance cutlery in the “Updates” section of the above menu.