We have an initial selection of professional chef’s knives available below. Handle materials range from black linen micarta and desert ironwood, to stabilized 6500 year old bog oak from Germany.

Our standard bolsters are 304 stainless and the blade steel is CPM S35VN – our CPM S35VN chef’s knives are a strong step above cheaper mass market steels both in edge holding and durability. Our update post “S30V vs S35VN”on the topic outlines it’s superiority to other commonly used knife steels and edge in professional kitchen knife applications as well.  Our other updates are valuable for the consumer to learn about the best options available for their kitchen, chef’s, and hunting knife needs.  We plan to provide many options to the discerning professional for their choice of a CPM S35VN kitchen knife in the future, from paring to gyuto with chef’s and nakiris such as these available as well.

These are expensive to produce, and the performance is second to none. In addition to S35VN chef’s knives we have several of the remaining S35VN nakiri from 2023, a Japanese styled vegetable knife which is superior for fine dicing operations due to it’s wide blade and nearly straight cutting edge – those have the prior “Apex Ironworks” etch which is now discontinued.

Take a look below through our current offerings.



What about a CPM S35VN Kitchen Knife?

A typical application for someone wanting to own a CPM S35VN kitchen knife would be a chef’s knife – featured above – of the familiar Western pattern in S35VN (or some other quality steel such as CPM S45VN or MagnaCut).  Although any kitchen knife would benefit from high performance CPM S35VN the real workhorse in the kitchen is the chef’s knife. Smaller knives benefit as well – a parer would be the perfect example of an S35VN kitchen knife as the long wearing high performance blade steel would allow long casual usage with little touching up of the edge required.

Another application where the investment in a CPM S35VN kitchen knife would make sense is a nakiri – a S35VN nakiri would be long wearing, with a durable edge with long retention of it’s keen nature for prolonged periods of enjoyment without any maintenance required. Between the general purpose usage of a chef’s knife or the specific and skillful chopping and manipulation of foodstuffs a nakiri provides, a CPM S35VN kitchen knife would be a fine addition with far more reliable performance than a department-store equivalent.